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As a BA in translations, after a long professional career in sales, I returned to the world of language and worked for three years as Sales & Marketing Manager at the Dekryptos translation agency (Brussels) and then as Sales Manager and finally Director of Berlitz Translation Services (Brussels) for more than 8 years. That career and experience have led me to creating my own translation agency.

Experience and a career, indeed, but still with that deeply rooted conviction of more than 30 years: translating is a link in the chain of communication and as such it perfectly integrates in the globalised world we live and work in.

However, although IT has found its niche  in the translation sector  with CAT (computer assisted translation), it still is specialists who work with it, both in terms of translation and revision, and who have the last word because language is a component of culture, with subtleties that a computer cannot detect as yet, and it permanently evolves like our society.

The role of a translation agency is to be at the clients' service by providing quality work at competitive rates and with a high level of flexibility. I will comply with those rules and even add to them: no mechanical effect, no focus on fierce profitability, no automatic translations but craftsmanship with a team of experienced and dedicated freelancers.

From "Small is beautiful" of the 1970s to "Think global act local" of the 1990s, I offer you a human relation focused on your translation needs within an efficient communication. With Deladrière Translation you are sure you will only deal with  ONE person, with the advantages of a dynamic company (price, choice, language, methods, specialisation combinations).

Please browse the site and contact us for more information or to request a free quote.

Ghislain Deladrière

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