Specific methodology of our sub-contractors

Considering the diversity of the requested fields and languages by our various clients, we prefer sub-contracting translations to freelancers. This enables us to select the most competent translator for each request we receive.

A purchase order is issued for each translation request, indicating the language combination, the deadline, the list of reference documents, the terminology to be used / respected, the technical instructions for compliance with the lay-out and the delivery method.

Our policy is to always entrust the same translator with texts of the same type or for the same client (depending on the language combination, the volume to be processed and the deadlines). For recurring projects, we employ one or several translators with the same competences or dispositions. This enables us - if the usual translator is unavailable, - to assign the texts to another translator. We organise the work by centralising documentation, terminology and specificities of each client to ensure all those involved are informed, including the proofreaders.

All our translators hold a translation BA certificate or equivalent, and must prove at least two years' experience as self-employed or waged professional translators. They have to complete a translation test procedure.

Please contact us for any other question or request.