Transposition in another language of general and specialised documents: administrative, commercial, economic, financial, IT, technical, legal and scientific.

At Deladrière Translation, we have access to a database of more than 250 professional translators, which enables us to propose you all the possible language combinations for very diverse specialisms:

  • Medical
  • Legal
  • Financial
  • Technical
  • Etc.

 Every translator of course translates into his/her mother tongue (« native speakers ») and each text is revised by another translator to guatantee the quality of the work we deliver to you.

The translation can be done with or without a CAT tool.

Computer Assisted Translation (CAT)

To ensure the consistency and homogeneity of our translations, we can use a Computer Assisted Translation tool (CAT) and a Translation Memory (TM) in particular.

All the linguistic specialists today agree that TM systems are the best IT support for translators. They leave the creative part of the work to the translator, benefit from his/her expertise and provide considerable support by proposing him/her existing translations (search by analogy) and the data.

They also enable retrieving some of your already translated texts and maintain the same editorial style. Finally, the TM enables the systematic use of specific terminologies in the texts to be translated.

You will understand that the CAT is a tailormade facility, particularly pertinent for specific documents to achieve increased consistency and homogeneity. We will gladly advise you in the matter.

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